Spotlight on Wellness: Independence from Toxins

We are wrapping up our four-month series on removing toxins from our lives with a recap of the top tips from each issue as well as suggestions for use of a few natural products by a local expert. Please visit our newsletter archive to see full articles from March-June.

Cosmetics and Skin Care
An easy way to stay chemical free when it comes to cosmetics and skin care: d ownload the " Think Dirty " app before your next purchase. This handy tool will help you determine if your product is "dirty" and it will make suggestions for "clean" beauty products.

Green Cleaning
If you're a "do it yourself" (DIY) type, there are numerous natural alternatives that can be created at home to ensure safety and a cost savings. For instance, try mixing water, rubbing alcohol, essential oil and natural dish soap to make an all-purpose cleaner. More DIY at home cleaners can be found here .

Home Décor and Products
Add plants to your living environment. Even Dr. Levitt makes sure the Innovative Primary Care offices are filled with live plants. Lady Palms have been proven to improve the air quality in your home. Four other plant species are also great options to help you breathe easy and relax in green filled surroundings.

Can the Cans
Reduce your use of canned foods to get the BPA out of your diet. Most cans are lined with BPA-containing resin. Check for those that say they are BPA free. Moving toward foods that are fresh will transform your diet anyway and rid your body of toxins. Check out this list of BPA canned food.

Thanks to fellow physician Dr. Paul Wolfson for his great tips and belief in living a cleaner lifestyle. His excellent list of natural products is a great reference for your use. We've only listed a few of his suggestions below, but you can visit his post to get a full listing of ideas.

  • Glassware from Life Factory makes it possible to drink from glass at home with some extra padding to protect them from breaking.
  • Sponges made from renewable products such as crushed walnut shells make cleaning up easier on the environment. Visit Natural Value to see the wide array of products offered.
  • Similar to the DIY options above, Truce offers an all-natural cleaner made from five ingredients.
  • Finding natural laundry detergent can be challenging. Thanks to Dr. Bronner you can check out his Sal Suds Liquid Cleaner that is safe on both dishes and clothing.