Spotlight on Wellness: One Foot in Front of the Other

We begin March with a look how movement throughout our day plays a role in how we look and feel. In fact, our very own Todd Schuster (PA-C) is a firm believer that the more we move - through every age of our lives - the better we'll be.

Todd admits that after a long day at work, it's tough to choose to exercise, but he's found ways to work a little extra movement into each of his days. If he isn't able to enjoy one of his favorite outdoor activities such as mountain biking or hiking, he makes use of his stationary bike at home to unwind and watch a sporting event.

Besides the impact exercise can have on our mood and outlook on life, Todd encounters patients who suffer with chronic low back pain and weight concerns that could be reduced with even a few laps around the block each day.

So how do we put one foot in front of the other to kick start a "movement" routine? Todd encourages us to start by setting a routine. Time recently explored ideas for bringing more discipline to fitness goals and setting a daily appointment is at the top of the list, along with shortening workouts and randomizing what you do.

Spring is in the air and it's the perfect time to get inspired. We hope you'll try one of these suggestions to get started or change up your routine:

  • Take it slow. If you haven't been exercising, start with a walk around the block. Pretty soon, you'll probably make it around four without breaking a sweat.
  • Start each day with stretching routine or some simple yoga poses.
  • Community Parks and Recreation departments have a multitude of free or low cost activities. Check out some of the specialty programs in these cities:

-Phoenix parks or hiking trails
-Chandler parks or tennis centers
-Gilbert aquatics
-Mesa's adult softball, kickball, flag football and volleyball
-Tempe's Urban Fishing Program

As you move more, good nourishment is the best next step to a better you. Next month, we'll hear from our Nurse Practitioner, Kay Southwell, about the benefits of a whole food diet.

IPC's Todd Schuster, PA-C, gets refueled after a ride on his mountain bike.

IPC's Todd Schuster, PA-C, gets refueled after a ride on his mountain bike.