Josh Reilly, NMD

Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Reilly first came to the Desert Southwest to work as a Biologist from 1997-2000.  Growing up near the wildness of the Pine Barrens of southern NJ, "Dr. Josh," as he’s affectionately known, fell in love with New Mexico and Arizona and decided to return after graduating from Bastyr University with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine.

As a clinician, Dr. Reilly takes a down-to-earth practical approach to patient care. He believes in client education and building strong therapeutic relationships through active listening, integrative medicine and motivational counseling. His emphasis areas are Integrative Health, Preventative Medicine, Physical Medicine, Integrative Counseling, Adjunctive Oncology Care, Digestive health and Mind Body Medicine. Dr. Reilly incorporates a variety of therapies and traditions such as injection therapy, IV therapy, physical manipulation, myofascial analysis, nutrition, shiatsu, cranio-sacral and muscle energy technique into his practice.

Dr. Reilly spent over 15 years working in fisheries, wildlife and companion animal research, nutrition and product development.  He has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals and holds a patent. As part of an independent study entitled “Applied Altruism in Health Sciences,” Dr. Reilly created a comprehensive corporate and family wellness educational program with strong preventative medicine, nutrition, health, individual and family mentorship components. He has been a leader in the public sector, private sector, and has always had an interest in strengthening his patient’s quality of life through optimizing social dynamics and environmental health determinants.

His greatest accomplishment is his kids, Ben and Josie.   

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