Changes at Innovative Primary Care

We are honored and humbled that you have entrusted your healthcare to our staff and team of providers.

As we enter into 2017, we know changes are coming for healthcare. Some we know of, some we don't in the ever-changing dynamic healthcare industry.

Changes are taking place at Innovative Primary Care as well. Beginning December 29, I have shifted my patient work to the MDVIP personalized health care platform. This will allow me to bring a new and refreshing dimension to those who have selected to become MDVIP members. I realize that this model of care may not work for everyone. That saddens me and I will truly miss those who are unable to join us.

My focus is on practicing prevention utilizing my training in functional medicine, and fostering deep and personalized care for my patients. I have decided to make the switch to this platform because the current medical model does not allow for this time of sustained, personalized and in-depth care.

Through my years of working with and serving patients, I get the greatest fulfillment by developing long term and in-depth relationships with patients. Many have followed me over the years, even traveling long distances. Now with the MDVIP platform, it will allow for patient visits at the hospital, phone conversations, coordinating your care with any specialists and following your healthcare journey.

MDVIP puts the patient and doctor relationship first. What that looks like is more personalized attention, longer appointment times if needed, same day and next day appointments and real time communication through texting and the MDVIP portal, which includes HIPPA secured email.

The plan also offers an executive type physical exam once a year that will feature:

  • vision and hearing screenings
  • EKG
  • lung function testing
  • testing for circulation in the legs
  • body composition measurements, and
  • a lab draw for advanced cardio-lipid markers

Further screenings include assessment of emotional health, sleep efficiency and sexual health. The second phase of the exam takes place three weeks after the first part of the exam, and will include reviewing of all test results, performing a complete physical exam, and detailing an outline for achieving optimal health based on the test results. The emphasis is on detailed understanding of your health concerns and a close (and real time) relationship regarding your concerns.

We can continue to enroll individuals in MDVIP even after the start date and are open to patients not currently with Innovative Primary Care.

If you'd like to continue your care outside of the MDVIP program, please utilize our providers who would be honored to serve your healthcare needs. They include Dr. Chinwah, MD and physician assistants Jane Stevenson PA-C and Todd Schuster PA-C, for internal medicine care, along with Naturopath Dr. Xan Simonson. And the wellness services of Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy through Dr. Ilana Oren and Jin Shin Jyutsu with Debbie Elman.

If you are interested in receiving the benefits of bioidentical hormones, I'm continuing to provide this service as well. You can utilize your insurance for all hormone lab work, with the exception of pellet insertions, which continues as a fee for service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 480.776.0626.

On behalf of the full staff at Innovative Primary Care, we wish you healthy, safe and joyous holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2017.


Dr. Sandra Levitt



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