Healing Therapies: Feeling Sluggish?

In your 40s or beyond? Feeling a loss in energy? Have you been wondering what your body might need to give you the "get up and go" you miss from just a few years ago? An evaluation of your hormones might be in order.

Dr. Levitt sees a variety of challenges people face every day - depression, lagging sex drive, anxiety and sharpness of thinking, among others. With the right consultation and accompanying blood evaluation, it may be determined that hormone levels are lagging.  
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) might be a treatment to consider to provide the boost needed to get back to your "old self."

A bio-identical hormone regimen comes from natural, plant-derived compounds that have the same molecular structure as those made by your body and are delivered through creams, patches, oral lozenges or pellets. Men and women both experience a decrease in hormone production as they age. Women experience a decline in estrogen and men in testosterone. Some of the benefits of BHRT to women and men include support for cardiovascular and bone health and increased cognitive function.

If you'd like to learn whether you are a candidate for BHRT, simply call our office and ask for an appointment with Dr. Levitt to start the process. The process starts with a consultation and often with a blood analysis. Once the results are returned, next steps are determined. If pellets are determined as part of the course of action, a simple in-office procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and each pellet delivers a consistent dosage of hormones for 3-6 months. Depending on the individual, the hormone replacement process is repeated every four to six months.

Patients are so pleased with the results that they maintain their follow up visits without the need for a reminder call from our office.

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