Healing Therapies: Travel Vaccines

Depending on where you travel this summer, there may be recommended vaccinations to add a layer of health protection. It usually takes at least two weeks for your body to build an adequate immunity to vaccines. Keep in mind that traveling to more exotic destinations may require vaccinations or prophylactic medications against diseases, such as typhoid, hepatitis A and malaria, not typically seen in developed countries.

Though we’ve been hearing a lot of warnings about the Zika virus, any bug bite can have adverse effects. The major concern with Zika for non-pregnant travelers is bringing the disease back to the U.S. (or any other country where it doesn’t yet exist). Therefore, planning for preventative measures such a bug-repellents and sufficient clothing is highly recommended.

If your travel plans give you any concern for your health needs, call us for a visit with your Provider. Or start by checking the “Traveler’s Health” section of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. In addition to general travel notices, you can select your travel destination and receive detailed recommendations for the vaccines pertinent to that area.