Supplement Support: Pump up the Nutrition

Men of all ages seeking optimum performance and health might want to consider a few supplements Innovative Primary Care has vetted for you. They include a multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. And just like we noted above about sunscreens, multivitamins and other supplements are NOT created equally - at all. Here are a few we've researched and believe can support men's health and well-being:

  • Multivitamin to help energy, immune support and generally address deficiencies that can happen in time with aging and poor diet. IPC carries both Nutrient 950 and Spectrum 2c.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy cholesterol and brain health.
  • Healthy levels of Zinc are needed for crucial functions in your body such as immune function to fight illness, healthy cell growth and development and to ensure proper sense of taste and smell.

Feel free to visit our office to learn more about the featured supplements or ask your IPC Provider for more details at your next visit. You can place an order through our website or by calling us at 480.776.0626. Payment is required at the time the order is placed.